Catriona Lexy Campbell

Catriona is a very successful and award winning Gaelic writer of novels, stories and television. With several television projects in development and over 10 years’ writing experience she has been a scriptwriter on Young Films’ successful long-running series Bannan as well as The Comedy Unit’s Comadaidh Òir. She is currently the Creative Learning Manager at Theatre Gu Leòr.

Television in Development: SALT QUINES (with Morna Young), INFERNO

Television and Radio includes: BANNAN (2014-15 Young Films), SAMHRAIDHEAN DIOMHAIR (2012 BBC Radio), Dè Do Naidheachd? (2011 Radio nan Gàidheal), AN ADHLACHAIR (2008 MNE/Radio nan Gàidheal), COMADAIDH ÒIR (2006 The Comedy Unit)

Theatre Credits include: SHRAPNEL (2016 Theatre Gu Leòr/Tron Theatre/An Lanntair), DORAS DÙINTE (2013 Theatre Gu Leòr/Mull Theatre/A Play, A Pie and A Pint – 2014 Tour), GAELIC FOR BEGINNERS (2012 NTS), NA H-OBRAICHEAN (2007 Mach ann an Deich)

Publications include: SHRAPNEL: THE PLAY (2016 Leabhraichean Beaga), AN T-IONNSACHADH BÒIDHEACH, PART 1 & 2 (2014/15 Acair), DORAS DÙINTE (2014 Leabhraichean Beaga), NIGHEANAN MÒRA (2014 Sandstone Press), CLEASAN A’ BHAILE MHÒIR (2010 Sandstone Press), SÀMHRAIDHEAN DIOMHAIR (2009 Comunn na Leabharaichean), SGEULACHDAN EAGALACH FEAGALACH (2008 Acair), BALACH BEAG A MHÀTHAR (2004 Stòrlann)

Television Radio includes: BANNAN (2014-15 Young Films), SAMHRAIDHEAN DIOMHAIR (2012 BBC Radio) COMADAIDH ÒIR (2006 The Comedy Unit)

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