Catriona Lexy Campbell

Catriona is very successful and award winning Gaelic writer of novels, stories and television. With several television projects in development and over 10 years’ writing experience she has been a scriptwriter on Young Films’ successful long-running series Bannan as well as The Comedy Unit’s Comadaidh Òir. She is currently the Creative Learning Manager at Theatre Gu Leòr.

Television in Development: SALT QUINES (with Morna Young), INFERNO

Television and Radio includes: BANNAN (2014-15 Young Films), SAMHRAIDHEAN DIOMHAIR (2012 BBC Radio), Dè Do Naidheachd? (2011 Radio nan Gàidheal), AN ADHLACHAIR (2008 MNE/Radio nan Gàidheal), COMADAIDH ÒIR (2006 The Comedy Unit)

Theatre Credits include: SHRAPNEL (2016 Theatre Gu Leòr/Tron Theatre/An Lanntair), DORAS DÙINTE (2013 Theatre Gu Leòr/Mull Theatre/A Play, A Pie and A Pint – 2014 Tour), GAELIC FOR BEGINNERS (2012 NTS), NA H-OBRAICHEAN (2007 Mach ann an Deich)

Publications include: SHRAPNEL: THE PLAY (2016 Leabhraichean Beaga), AN T-IONNSACHADH BÒIDHEACH, PART 1 & 2 (2014/15 Acair), DORAS DÙINTE (2014 Leabhraichean Beaga), NIGHEANAN MÒRA (2014 Sandstone Press), CLEASAN A’ BHAILE MHÒIR (2010 Sandstone Press), SÀMHRAIDHEAN DIOMHAIR (2009 Comunn na Leabharaichean), SGEULACHDAN EAGALACH FEAGALACH (2008 Acair), BALACH BEAG A MHÀTHAR (2004 Stòrlann)

Television Radio includes: BANNAN (2014-15 Young Films), SAMHRAIDHEAN DIOMHAIR (2012 BBC Radio) COMADAIDH ÒIR (2006 The Comedy Unit)

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