Andy Edwards

Andy Edwards is an award-winning playwright, performer and dramaturg. He is currently writer-in-residence for Tron Theatre’s Mayfesto 2019.

Theatre credits include: IN BURROWS (Mar 2018 / Mar 2019, Tron Theatre / Assembly Roxy), SCRIBBLE (Aug 2017, Assembly Roxy – ART award winner), THE GROUND, THE HIGHEST POINT (Sept 2015, Z-Arts / Spnotaneous Combustion), and KILLING TIME (Aug 2012, Bedlam Theatre).

Rehearsed readings include: ARKETYPE (May 2019, Tron Theatre – Mayfesto commission), TOMORROW, UNDER SNOW (May 2019, Tron Theatre – PYROMANIA commission for FIRE EXIT) and THE SQUARE MILE (Oct 2017, ‘A Play, A Poet, A Pastry’ at Theatre Royal Dumfries).

Radio includes: BRIDGES OVER THE CLYDE (Apr 2018, Tate N Lyle’s ‘Radio Play’)

Dramaturgy includes: TALKING DRAMATURGY: ANOTHER ZINE (Publication, Sept 2018), ON THE WAVES OF THE AIR (April 2018, Carrie Skinner / Glasgow International), TALKING DRAMATURGY: A ZINE (Publication, Aug 2017) and workshops for Tron Theatre and In Motion Theatre Company.

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