Ian Bustard

IAN BUSTARD is a filmmaker, writer and musician, most well known for his BAFTA-award-winning documentary, Marty Goes to Hollywood (with Martyn Robertson).

Television in Development: THE CLOSE (The Comedy Unit, with Simon Macallum), CORPORACT (with Simon Macallum)

Filmmaking Credits include: MARTY GOES TO HOLLYWOOD (2014 Director/Producer, with Martyn Robertson), A LOVE DIVIDED (2014 Writer/Director), AMLET (Brooklyn Film Festival/Raindance Film Festival – Writer/Director)

Theatre Credits include: WEANS IN THE WOOD (co-writer), SCROOGED (co-writer)

Corporate Credits include: EON, THE MET POLICE, SOLAR BEAR, NTS, WHO CARES SCOTLAND, NODA AND THE NATIONAL GRID (Writer/Director/Editor/Composer)


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