Martin McCormick

Martin McCormick is a writer and actor based in Scotland. He won the CATS award for Best New Play in 2014 for his play SQUASH.

Theatre In Development: ROBOT (2021 Visible Fictions), ST JOHNSTONE (2021 Perth Theatre)

Theatre Credits Include: 22 MAYS (2020 Pitlochry Festival Theatre), CINDERELLA (2019 Howden Park Centre), SOUTH BEND (2018 Grid Iron), MA PA AND THE LITTLE MOUTHS (2018 NTS/Tron Theatre), BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (2017 Howden Park Centre), FLO (2016 Glasgow Lunchtime Theatre), POTTEROW (2015 Cumbernauld Theatre), THE DAY THE POPE EMPTIED CROY (2015 Traverse Theatre), SQUASH (2014 Glasgow Lunchtime Theatre), NEWS JUST IN (2014 Co-writer Random Accomplice)

Martin has recently worked in story conferences for the BBC Continuing Drama RIVER CITY.

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