Cat Grozier

Cat is a dual-citizen of both Scotland and Canada and has a distinct natural accent in both. She was
a finalist in The Norman Beaton Fellowship Award 2015 for the BBC Radio Drama Company, London.

Radio Credits: ‘Moyamensing’ (BBC Radio Scotland).
Voice Credits: ‘Missing Voices’ (Geographical and Earth Sciences, Glasgow University)
TV Credits: ‘Whats Funny About the Indy Ref?'(BBC Scotland)

Other Credits: Commercial campaigns for The Royal Bank of Scotland & Tesco.
Cat has also worked extensively with many theatres including Oran Mor, National Theatre of
Scotland, The Citizens, The Tron, Mull Theatre, The Arches Theatre Company, The Platform, Solar
Bear, Pavilion Theatre, Red Aye Production, Pixie Productions & Gruppo Rubato (Ottawa, Canada).

Cat is a singer and musician and has written music and lyrics for several theatre productions,
including Oran Mor. She plays 6 instruments including keyboard, guitar, bass and ukulele and is a
member of Glasgow based folk band ‘Folkify.’ She is also a writer and has worked with Oran Mor,
National Theatre of Scotland, The Tron and the BBC.


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